Sardine Oil 12 x 250 ml.

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Sardine oil. 250 ml.

Product (Category 3) is manufactured from factory approved by the EU.

A few positive effects of Sardine-Fish Oil: Anti-inflammatory effects.

Healthy for: bones, brain, hart, veins, musscles, skin, hair and more.

Smell Caracteristic Density 0,92

FFA Max.5% Iodine Value Min. 175 EPA + DHA (with Taurine) Min. 27 % (Min.EPA 19% DHA 8%)
Total Omega 3 Min 31% Anisidine Value Min. 30 Peroxyde Value Max. 10 meq/kg Unsaponificable matter Max. 2%

Moisture + Impurities Max. 2%

Dioxins and Dioxins like PCB’S Max 1.75 and 5.0 ug/kg respectively

Heavy metals In accordance with Directive 2006/13/CE, 2002/32/CE

Storage Cool and dry